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Many couples, like Lauren and Sam, look forward to planning and designing their wedding on their own, but everyone deserves to pass over the responsibilities of managing the day to a professional team with an experienced eye for outstanding execution and a focus on the guest experience.   Laura Franzen from The Happy Hour Hostess, loved working with Lauren and Sam in the 6 weeks before their wedding.  Laura and Lauren worked together to make sure Laura knew exactly how Lauren envisioned her day.  Laura communicated with all of the vendors to create a production schedule for the weekend that was focused on flow and guest experience.  Onsite on event weekend, The Happy Hour Hostess was able to act as the Event Director and take care of the details of the day, so Lauren and Sam could truly relax and focus on living in the moment.

Photography Cat Deline. 

Event management
feature: L&S

oceanfront nuptIals and a ballroom dance party for L&S


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